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My instagram hook - Not just pretty photos

Posted by Emily Wolfson on

So I began my Instagram account a few years ago and I was so excited at having this way to post pictures of my product to people all over the world.  I thought, awesome, my product will be a perfect fit for IG b/c all the advice columns were saying have 'interesting content'.  Well, painted baseballs are super visual and very interesting content! (I know I am a bit biased)  And although that has drawn many viewers to my Instagram page, I think it takes a bit more to keep them there.

I wanted my IG page to be pure, full of only my baseball designs and no other content.  But honestly I have found that over the past year, adding photos that show a general love of the game has added much more to my page then just my own cool baseball pics.  I have a video of a 3 yr old at his first baseball game, and great sayings about baseball, it adds another element that I think was lacking.  Now it is more of a 'for-the-love-of-the-game' page, which is what I was ultimately going for.  On IG I am @unforgettaballs it's a great place to see the baseballs in painting progress, come take a look. :)