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About the Artist

The most memorable baseballs for the most devoted fans.

Each design is created from an original painting by our founder & Pennsylvania-based artist, Emily M. Wolfson. They are then reproduced onto authentic baseballs, resulting in long-lasting, heirloom-quality gifts.

I wanted to create designs with more meaning than simply a logo.

25 years ago, when all baseballs were only white, I painted an American Flag on a baseball for my husband, and Unforgettaballs was born.  Originally an architect, I made baseballs my canvas.  Bringing meaning to this miniature art, I created memories you could hold in your hand.  These baseballs illustrate details and accuracy that all baseball fans can appreciate.


Bringing in the baseball community.

My vision is to create truly meaningful sports art,  so I turned to my customer base for advice on design suggestions, and baseball facts.  As only a  sports fans would know, not all statistics are equally significant! 

This is why I have my 'Proof-Readers' group to help discuss and debate the baseball lore that goes into my designs. (bless their hearts)


My favorite quote?

Sometimes the best artwork is found in the most unusual places.