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New office! Office share.

Posted by Emily Wolfson on

Wow guys you won't believe this, after 20yrs working out of my house I have finally rented a office space in a shared- office space location called 'Pipeline' in Philly. Can't tell you how strange it is to be in a new place!

I never had anyone else talking but me- and was basically rolling out of bed and into work in t-shirts and shorts. (I might still be doing that, but I fix my hair first) Really loving it. It was great to have a home office, and really convenient- but kinda lonely. When my kids were little, and my dog was little there was more a reason to be home. So until we get a puppy I'm trying out a new locale. Hope that I will be able to paint baseballs here- I haven't started with more then computer work. But I want to paint another baseball stadium soon. I'll report back how it's going!