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Posted by Emily Wolfson on

Not my own, Herrington Catalogue's.

And I have to say I am a little upset with them.  I was their vendor, I drop shipped a few thousand baseballs  for them this past Christmas (2017 xmas).  I was only paid for about 200 of them.  Why?  Because they were in bankruptcy, but know one knew it, not me, and I'm sure not any of the vendors they were about to not pay.

I know it is hard for catalogs, and it is a shame that such a nice one is going belly-up (another product of our times) but I blame the people a little bit.  I was working with a few people there who knew I was a 1 person company, had to know how hard it would be if I wasn't paid, yet they encouraged me to continue to drop ship for them.   I worked with them daily, I got to know them.  They acted like everything was fine, and then once all the orders were out they vanished.  Never answered a phone call or a text to say how sorry they were.  I know it is silly in business, but a sincere apology can go a long way with me.