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My best idea for organizing my business!

Posted by Emily Wolfson on

So as a one person business I wear all the hats. This can be fun b/c I never get bored only painting all day, or only making sales calls, I get to mix it up a lot. The downside is I can pick and choose what I like and ignore what I don't like to do!

So my latest idea (stolen from someone's online suggestion) is to create an Excel spread sheet- my husband will be so proud he loves when I use Excel for anything- and on this sheet I have organized my work hours for the week. 9-5 and divided up my time so I am making sure to spend time each week on wholesale sales, and painting, and bill paying, etc. My next step is to organize it also by month, b/c some weeks are different then other weeks, but it's a good start. I also made a sheet of all my new projects and what I need to do for each.

Isn't it incredible how light and fluffy you feel when you are organized! I'll keep you guys posted if it works!