The woes of keeping up with the cutting edge websites

I always have the impulse to hop on my blog and complain, so today may not be any different!

Ok here is my current issue as a small business owner who does most of my sales thru my website.  As soon as I have my website redone, (about every 5yrs b/c it is really expensive to do) I feel great about it.  Then after about 2yrs or so I start seeing other sites on line that make me wish I could redo mine again sooner!  Sometimes it is a look or feel, or sometimes it could be an ease of the customer experience. I know that website development is always evolving, but I think as a small biz the hardest part of that is to make real changes it seems you need to completely overhaul.  The platform you are on never does all you want to do for the future, and you need to begin again from scratch.

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