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Smaller runs - Help from the crowd!

Posted by Emily Wolfson on

So my new concept is to create smaller runs of some specialty baseballs.  I have created the Captain ball, and now a SF Giants 3 world series win ball.

Both I painted and posted as I created them on Facebook and Instagram.. It really helps to get fans of the particular teams looking at the baseball and giving suggestions of what's important.

This pictured SF ball I posted as you see here- and I had several people ask why there was the blue on the ball (it actually is the KC Royals crowd b/c that is where the last win took place) but the SF fans wanted their ball to be more orange and black, so I was able to modify this before going to print!  Very helpful b/c when you work alone it's hard- sometimes it's nice to step back and get other feedback!  So thank you all!  And if you don't follow on FB or IG please do- could use your thoughts!